Is the pandemic making people more compassionate?

2 Dec 2020 by Jonathan Foye in: Latest News

Research released today by the think tank, Mainstreet Insights, has found that Christians have spent more time during the pandemic thinking about God, while one-in-four regular Church goers increased their Church attendance.

The research report found that:

  • 63 percent of Christians are praying more
  • 45 percent have spent more time this year reading the Bible
  • 38 percent have increased their Church attendance

The think tank has predicted that will lead to a Christmas where celebrations centre on Christ and family, not presents.

Dr Lindsay McMillian is the co-founder of Mainstreet Insights. He said that more Australians are seeking out spiritual support.

“This year has proven an incredibly disruptive period in our lives. It is only natural that we fall back on our faith to help overcome adversity,” Dr McMillian said.

“This year has shown us that the most important things in our lives are our family and faith. Which is why it’s so important this year to celebrate Christmas for the gift it is,” Dr McMillian said.

Mainstreet co-founder Mark McCrindle said that more people are embracing new technologies.

“Churches have been innovative during the pandemic, with live streaming, social media and outside events,” he said.

“They’ve really risen to the challenge and have been a constant support through the crisis.”

Mr McCrindle has predicted that devices will be a regular feature in churches for decades to come.

“These devices have been an integral part of keeping Christian communities united during this difficult year. Now that they’re mainstream, they’ll be here to say,” Mr McCrindle said. 

Mainstreet Insights is a joint venture between Reventure Ltd and McCrindle.

The full report is available online here. 

Jonathan Foye